ONDO Receives the Business Debut Award at the 2020 Edition of b2b Media Annual Awards

We are glad to announce that ONDO Smart Farming Solutions has just received its first public recognition! At the official ceremony of b2b Media Annual Awards which took place on Jul 2nd 2020, ONDO founders received the 1st place award in category “Business debut of the year”.

B2b media awards is a contest awarding the most innovative, creative and socially responsible companies in Bulgaria, in 30 different categories. This is the 6th edition of the contest, and, in line with the crisis caused by COVID-19, the contest jury evaluated the competing companies based on the following criteria: sustainability and innovation in crisis circumstances, originality of ideas and approaches to overcoming difficulties, efficiency, innovation with positioning products and services, as well as innovation in communications.

Despite being a new company, faced not only with the usual challenges of a startup business but also with the numerous hurdles brought up by the coronavirus crisis, ONDO managed to preserve and even increase the speed of software development and business growth. We already have the first customers using ONDO sustainable farming solutions in Bulgaria and Macedonia, and are setting up our foot overseas, having opened the first international branch of ONDO in Durban, South Africa. We are truly glad that our efforts to go through and even expand in these challenging times for all businesses, including for our customers, got recognized and rewarded!

“Thanks to B2B media and the jury for this reward” said Ilia Iordanov, one of ONDO’s founders. “This is our first reward, our company is only 7 months old and this is what makes the award extremely special. We are a technology company and are confident that digital technologies make a better world. But we know that it is the team, the people that create those technologies, and it is the people that make this world. That’s why we first want to thank the team of ONDO, and the development team of IndigoVerge that has helped make ONDO a reality – kudos for your creativity and inspiration!

Thanks also to Eleven Ventures, for their trust and investment in ONDO. Receiving support is important, but receiving it at just the right moment is what makes a great partnership. Big thanks also to all those farmers who recognize the value that ONDO farming automation solutions offer and understand that digitalization nowadays is required rather than being a whim or luxury.”

Good job ONDO team — keep up the great work! To celebrating many more recognitions together!

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