Exciting News: We are selected for the SynergistEIC Growth Programme! ✨

We are excited to announce that we have been selected as one of the 16 innovative startups to join the @SynergistEIC Program! 🎉

The SynergistEIC Growth Programme is a dedicated 6-month initiative supporting European impact-driven GreenTech startups. It focuses on fostering innovation in key sectors such as: 🌱 Climate-Tech 🔄 Circular Economy 💧 Clean-Tech 🌾 Agri-Food. 165 applications were submitted in Open call #2 of the program, and we are happy to have landed among the 16 selected to join this second round of the program.

This growth program is designed to help startups like ours access investment and growth opportunities, notably through the EIC Accelerator, and contribute to the EU’s Net Zero goals.

As part of this program, €1.5M will be distributed among the selected DeepTech startups to refine, test, and validate their products, increase market traction, improve commercialization strategies, and execute them more effectively.

Within the 6 months of its participation in SynergistEIC Growth, ONDO will be focusing on building and executing its strategy for expansion on new international markets.

For more information about the SynergistEIC Programme, please visit: https://synergisteic.eu/.

Stay tuned for updates on our journey. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future.

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