ONDO is a unique Bulgarian all-in-one, sustainable farming solution for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control

At the local agricultural market there is already an all-in-one, sustainable farming solution for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control. The product ONDO has been developed by a Bulgarian company and is the only one of its kind that offers both the hardware and software required for the automation of all plant growing process, for any crop.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, farmers need to stay on the field and take care of all required plant growing activities, inside greenhouses or on the open fields. Fresh vegetables, fruit and grain are among the vital goods the market needs. ONDO solution comes right when farmers need support in passing through this crisis period with minimum negative consequences for them, while at the same time continuing to invest in becoming even more competitive.

According to statistics, in the past 5 years there are more than 1000 new greenhouses set up in Bulgaria. These are block type greenhouses spanning between 5 and 30 decares, but only 5% of the irrigated fields benefit from automated drip irrigation. The farmers need technology support, so they can stay competitive on the European and international market and ONDO offers a modern sustainable farming digital solution that is appropriate and affordable for big and small farmers alike, while allowing them to become leaders on the market.

„ONDO Smart farming solutions fills a deep niche in the modern solutions for smart agriculture, since it saves farmers a big effort in seeking and integrating a number of different solutions for the different plant growing activities in their farms. For example, if you only automate your irrigation process but cannot monitor in real time how it performs or how it synchronizes with the process of plant nutrition, for example, the risk for plant growing problems and resulting financial losses is quite bug. ONDO solves exactly those type of problems”, says ONDO’s CEO Ivaylo Enev.

Ondo is suitable for all crops, including greenhouses, open fields,vineyards, orchards, etc. By integrating ONDO the farmers save up to 85% in costs for water consumption, up to 50% in energy costs – electricity, fuels, etc. ONDO guarantees up to 40% higher yield and reduced the losses resulting from human error with up to 60%.

„Any farmer can use ONDO from their computer at home or from their mobile device, monitoring in real time all processes in his greenhouse or fields, eliminating the need to supervise the process on the field. We have created an easy to use, intuitive and modern user interface. We ensure 24/7 support of all systems, as well as free online consultations and demonstrations of the system and the benefits it can bring for your farm.”, says the company CTO Ivan Dragoev.

Only a month after its release, thanks to its high quality and affordable price, ONDO set its foot on the regional market, setting up the system for customers in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Greece.

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