ONDO Weather – new Reports functionality, improved data accuracy

We are glad to let you know that the ONDO Weather mobile application now features a new Reporting functionality, and enhanced accuracy of the sensor data displayed. 

  • The Report allow farmers having an ONDO Weather station to create reports summing up the air temperature and rainfall quantity over specified periods of time.
  • The data coming from ONDO Weather is now also more accurate, being collected and displayed over 15-min periods of time.

New Reporting functionality

Following feedback from customers and partners for the weather station ONDO Weather, we have now implemented a new Reporting functionality in the mobile app for ONDO Weather. The farmers can now generate several types of reports on the temperature and rain quantity – 2 parameters that are particularly important to farmers evaluating the approximate time for crop harvesting.

The different reports that farmers can now generate are:

  • Report on the sum of the average daily temperatures over a user-specified period of time
  • Report on the sum of the average daily temperatures over a user-specified period of time, ignoring the extreme low or extreme high temperatures from the daily average
  • Report on the total rain quantity over a specified period of time
  • Reports – both on the temperature sum and total rain quantity – since a specific day. These reports will be auto-updated with the latest data received from the weather station

All reports can be saved for future use or viewed once and discarded. Farmers who own several weather stations for their fields, can use the same report to retrieve data for all of their weather stations, just by switching to the respective weather station from their account.

Improved accuracy of the weather station sensor data

Farmers need to respond fast to changing climate conditions. Hence, following feedback from farmers, we have now shortened the period for sensor data retrieval. Now the sensor data in the weather station mobile app is getting updated every 15 minutes, so you can stay up-to-date with the climate conditions on your field no matter where you are located.

In addition to the shortening of the data retrieval interval, we have improved the accuracy of the rainfall data retrieval, tackling situations where the rainfall had not been properly tracked.

Download the latest version of ONDO Weather, to take advantage of all latest functionality.

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