ONDO with a key role in project AgroDigiRise of the European DIH for agriculture AgroHub.bg

16 demo points will be equipped with the ONDO solutions for automation of the irrigation, precise fertigation, monitoring and climate control. The company will integrate its solutions as part of the project “AgroDigiRise – Unlocking the innovative potential of the South Central Region of Bulgaria and in the agricultural sector” of the European Digital Innovation Hub for agriculture AgroHub.bg. The aim of the project is to demonstrate, in a real-world environment, the potential for resource optimisation and process automation in agriculture thanks to the integration of precision farming technologies in farms of various types /growing varied crops.

The demo points will be set up at 13 farms and 3 science centers all over Bulgaria. Those will be greenhouse farms as well as open-field farms, all of them featuring different soil and climate environment, growing different crops and hence, having different requirements and challenges with respect to the automation of their key processes. In addition to integrating its automation solutions for precision agriculture and monitoring and optimisation of the results that the farms are getting, ONDO will also be holding regular presentations in each of the demo points, together with its other partners on the project. Thus the farmers from the country would be able to get familiar with any technology solution integrated on the demo points, will be able to monitor the results they are getting, and benefit from consulting – technology-, agronomy- and finance-wise, regarding the potentials benefits from the integration of those technologies in their own farms.

The ONDO specialists – both agronomists and technology engineers – will participate in a number of presentation and hands-on training events, aiming at informing the farmers about the benefits of the integration of digital technologies in agriculture. ONDO will also set up virtual demonstrations of their automation solutions and will make those available in the different demo points.

The project AgroDigiRise – presented at the 10th National Agricultural Seminar of the National Association of Grain Producers which took place on Nov 24th, 2022 in Plovdiv – has been financed by the European Commission. The project goal is to create a technology and communicational ecosystem for collaboration between farmers, digital technology experts and scientists in the sphere of precision farming.

A consortium of от 14 organisations will be working together in the next 36 months to present numerous innovative technology solutions for the agriculture, which can boost the potential of the farmers, as well as of the farming institutions from the private and public sector in the South Central region of Bulgaria.

AgroHub.bg will also ensure that farmers have access to the expertise of scientists in the field of agronomy, as well as to business and financial consultations. For the first time a project will be pursuing the synergy between carefully selected partners, with different expertise and experience. Among those are the Institute for Agrostrategies and Innovations, Plovdiv Agricultural University, the Institute for Agricultural Crops Maritza, Cleantech Bulgaria, the Center for Plant System Biology and Technology, the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, The Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Equipment Traders, Applied Research and Communications Fund, Cluster Trakia Economical Zone and Plovdiv Municipality as an associated partner on this project.

„We are honoured and proud to be part of this project. We trust that it will grow into a huge platform demonstrating the enormous potential of ONDO to contribute to the success of the farmers. The precision and automation of processes like irrigation, plant nutrition and climate control are already considered a must for modern farming. The technology future of farming is already here and we will demonstrate it via the AgroDigiRise project“, said Ivaylo Enev, co-founder of ONDO Solutions.

„I am happy that the European Commission trusted us and approved our proposal, among 17 applicants from Bulgaria. Of these, the only innovation hub in the sphere of agriculture is our European Digital Innovation Hub.“ – said Svetlana Boyanova, Chairman of the Institute for Agrostrategies and Innovations, founder of AgroHub.bg and manager of the project AgroDigiRise.

The work on this project has already started at a really fast pace! We will be eager to share with you the key moments from all stages of implementation of the project!

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