Distillery Isperih automates and controls with ONDO the irrigation and fertigation in 4 different open fields and a greenhouse

Over the past days we have successfully completed the installation of ONDO precision automation for one of the most successful and innovative Bulgarian companies – Distillery Isperih.

Many of you have probably heard or even tried “Rakia Isperih” made of cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, quinces, apples.. The company exports bulk distillates for Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and other countries and those are winning awards at prestigious world exhibitions and competitions. The bottled production of high-quality rakia is done for the local Bulgarian as well as for the US market! (you can also buy bottled rakia of Distillery Isperih from their online store).

Very soon, Distillery Isperih will also add to its offerings distillates and rakia made of..cornel cherry! It is exactly this unique cornel cherry orchard garden made of 2000 trees, spanning a total land of 2.5 ha that the company decided to irrigate and fertigate, in a precise and automated manner, using ONDO smart farming solutions

Since this orchard garden did not have an irrigation system installed, ONDO has taken over and successfully accomplished the implementation of the irrigation system, as well as the precision automation install, from start to end. The project included overall architecture, delivery and set up of a system for precision drip irrigation, the implementation of a system for precision fertigation, as well as complete automation of the precision irrigation and fertigation with ONDO. 

The automation is accomplished via ONDO’s most innovative modules for management and control of the irrigation on open fields – the wireless ONDO AIR Points. They allow open field farms with huge arable land to automate and precise their irrigation and fertigation processes with ONDO, at considerably reduced costs, time and installation activities compared to traditional cable-based installs.

A key benefit from the wireless ONDO AIR Points is that farmers can automate the irrigation and fertigation of numerous farm properties with one ONDO controller. Distillery Isperih has taken advantage from this benefit and, in addition to the cornel cherry garden with 3 irrigation zones, ONDO controls and automates the precision irrigation and fertigation in 4 other farm properties as well: one greenhouse with vegetables, an open field with vegetables and one more orchard. ONDO also controls and automates the sprinkler irrigation for the landscape area in the distillery.

If the farm decides to expand and grow even more vegetables or orchards, on extra open fields, thanks to the innovative ONDO AIR Points the ONDO automation can get easily extended, so ONDO may also manage and control the irrigation and fertigation for the extra arable fields!

We are glad when we see our customers benefiting from the full precision automation potential of ONDO solutions. And the release of ONDO AIR Point modules can boost this potential a lot, for a modest extra investment by the customer in terms of time and money.

We want to thank Distillery Isperih for their trust in ONDO and wish them a lot of success in their future endeavors! We are impatient to share the first results achieved by the Distillery thanks to their ONDO precision automation install, in terms of savings in key resources like water, energy, fertilizer and human resource. Stay tuned!

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