Successfully completed ONDO installation in Greenhouses Angel Metlarov

We are in the midst of the active agricultural season and this is also a reason for increased interest to ONDO’s precision farming automation solutions. Along with the work on several installations of ONDO, we are also carrying out on-field tests of new ONDO functionality, which makes the summer truly ‘hot’ not only temperature-wise, but also teamload-wise.

Despite these busy weeks, however, we still manage to work smoothly on completing the pending ONDO installations. Throughout the last weeks we successfully completed the installation of precision farming and automation for one more ONDO customer – greenhouses Angel Metlarov, located in the region of Svilengrad, Bulgaria. (see more ONDO customers)

Greenhouses Metlarov is growing a wide diversity of vegetables and berries – peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries and others, in 12 tunnel greenhouses with a total surface of 0.6 ha. The customer had initially requested automation and precision farming with ONDO for just a part of those greenhouses, but later on, seeing the first results achieved, the farm owner decided to extend the automation to the remaining greenhouse units.

At present, ONDO is successfully automating and making very precise the irrigation and fertigation of all crops grown in the farm, in all 12 greenhouses. The management of fertigation is realized via 4 Venturi injectors, together with a booster pump. The installation is fully cable-based, considering the fairly small size of the farm and the client’s requirements.

Despite the big variety of crops grown in Greenhouses Metlarov, the time invested in managing and monitoring all crop growing processes has considerably diminished. Thanks to the automated programs for irrigation and fertigation of each crop and the remote control via mobile devices, the farmer can reallocate human resources, from routine everyday work to developing and expanding the farm. He is already seeing the first results in terms of more efficient usage of water and energy resources, which we will gladly share with you as soon as the farm has completed an entire crop cycle using ONDO automation.

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