ONDO lands among the 10 companies selected to join the EIT Food Accelerator in the mecca of agriculture – Israel

We are happy to announce that ONDO has been recognized as one of the top 10 companies worldwide to be ‘high-impact innovators’ and invited to join one of the most influential agricultural accelerators – EIT Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN).

EIT FAN connects successful startups in the sphere of agriculture with leading corporate and research partners, to promote the startups technology and support its successful entry and adoption on the market. EIT FAN has hubs in Bilbao, Munich, Helsinki, Lausanne, Cambridge, but ONDO has been invited to join the Israeli hub in Haifa since it is one of the leading digital centers worldwide, focused on supporting the development of innovations in agriculture.

„We are truly excited with the high recognition we have received from EIT FAN. We have passed through a serious selection in 2 rounds. Competing with tens of companies from the whole world, we managed to impress the jury made up of authoritative entrepreneurs and experts who were looking for startups with big potential impact in modern agriculture, that have already advanced in their plans and activities and that show stable development. ”, shared Ilia Iordanov, CEO of ONDO.

The hub of EIT FAN in Haifa is in the Israeli technology institute Technion – Israel institute of technology. In the period July – October ONDO will have the opportunity to take advantage from the various and large-scale scientific program of the institute and meet business leaders and top professionals working in the sphere of food and agriculture. In addition to frequent presentations of ONDO solutions, along with the actual installations of the product already done, to investors and scientific leaders from all over the world, our team will also get the opportunity to set up pilot projects with world-renown companies.

Photo credit – photo of Haifa, Israel:
Photo by Kostiantyn Stupak from Pexels

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