ONDO saves 30% of the irrigation water used in a farm

“The growing pressure for saving freshwater resources is a world problem. And agriculture is responsible for 70% of the freshwater consumption on a worldwide basis.

One of the approaches to reducing the freshwater used by the agriculture is by integrating systems for precise irrigation and precise nutrition of the plants, as well as for precise climate control in greenhouses. Thus, the moisture and nutrients could be very precisely delivered, right to the plant roots. All this can be achieved with solutions like ONDO.”

The above was the focus of the presentation that ONDO’s CTO Ivan Dragoev and ONDO’s Partnerships Manager Svetla Markova delivered to a group of young farmers, agricultural experts and research specialists from Europe, taking part in the international project „Saving Water” , part of the Erasmus+ program. The project aims at increasing the public awareness on the huge contribution that agriculture has to the consumption of fresh water. Bulgaria, The Czech republic, Portugal and Spain are the key European countries participating in the project. In this project, participants are exploring the ways in which Bulgaria is saving water throughout the process of growing plants. ONDO is one of the few companies in Bulgaria whose business has freshwater savings as one of the key results achieved by its customers and hence we were honored to be able to deliver a presentation to the project participants.

Ivan Dragoev discussed 3 different customer cases where the clients decided to automate the irrigation in their greenhouses or open fields, due to different water supply problems they were faced with – regime of the water imposed by the national irrigation company, limited water resources available in an own water supply or huge surface to be irrigated, requiring substantial water resources, with the water expenses having a big impact on the farm profitability. 

In all those customer case the usage of ONDO automation for the irrigation and precise fertigation resulted in 30% savings in the water resource used, as well as significant reduction in the water resource expense. These are results announced by the farmers themselves, after more than  2 years of using ONDO irrigation and precise fertigation  automation. 

The team at ONDO concluded the presentation with the affirmation that, in the very near future, the savings in all natural resources used by the agriculture, including fresh water, will be a key factor contributing to the competitiveness of the farmers, as well as to the sustainability of the farming business, on a worldwide scale. 

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