Our goal is to make ONDO a complete solution that can help every farmer to become successful

„We are looking at developing the ONDO platform to be a complete solution, a place where the farmer enters and manages all his processes, can see the history for those processes, reports, a disease model, automated recipes he may use depending on the growth stage of the crop and so on. With ONDO we want to make every farmer a successful farmer, regardless of whether he is an agronomist, a specialist or just an investor. We want to see ONDO become an automated system that knows what you should do and helps you to achieve it, at the right time, in the best possible way. For example, it will tell you: „You should now start irrigating your tomatoes, and now it is time to run the automated recipe 3 because in this same moment your plants need it, according to this and that data for monitoring the growth of the plant” and so forth.

This is an excerpt from the recent webinar “Automate hard” delivered by the CTO of ONDO Ivan Dragoev to the IoT group of dev.bg. In this online event Ivan outlined the path taken by ONDO Solutions – the company in which he is a co-founder, together with Ilia Iordanov and Ivaylo Enev – as well as the plans for future development.

„ONDO helps the farmers to solve 3 problems – the low resource efficiency, the lack of labor force and the climate changes. For example when speaking about resources, we can take a look at the scarcity of water resources, this is a problem that is becoming more and more acute, it will require increased efficiency and we can achieve it only with automation”, added Ivan Dragoev. He pointed out that, to grow a good crop the conventional way /because bio farming is still expensive/, this should happen in the most optimal way. „Fertigating a plant, for example, should not mean throwing as much fertilizer as possible, but rather, feeding the plant in a balanced manner. That is why as part of our solutions we deliver our FertiON precision fertigation system, which doses the nutrients in a very precise manner. In addition, we manage the entire climate infrastructure in greenhouses – the vents, misting, circulation fans and so on. For the open fields we offer a weather station that is monitoring the climate and sends data about the air temperature, humidity, rain, etc. The weather station is connected to the so-called disease models which inform the farmer about the probability that the plants develop a specific disease as a result of the weather conditions, we also inform the farmer how they can prevent those diseases. And all this is being monitored real-time and allows the farmers to make timely decisions for their crops, based on reliable data. They do all this remotely, from their computer or mobile device”.

Ivan Dragoev also told the webinar attendees about the different challenges the team is facing when building a technology solution, about the partnerships with well-known hardware solution providers, about the specifics in ONDO installation for different irrigation systems, as well as about the company itself – the two investment rounds, the efforts to position the ONDO solutions on the international markets and to further improve them.

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