ONDO’s participation in the International Practical Forum on Berries in Ukraine

As we had announced last week, ONDO joined their first event exhibition in Ukraine last week. Our participation in the International Practical Forum on Berries in Lviv, Ukraine followed an invitation from Dmitriy Filippov from the Ukrainian company PolivServis, with whom we are looking forward to collaborating in the future (stay tuned for news here!)

The International Practical Forum on Berries had been a 2-day event combining speaker sessions with an exhibition part. The sessions had been focused on the best practices for growing blueberries, raspberries and strawberries and those topics attracted exactly the type of attendees that can benefit from ONDO solutions.

Berries are irrigation-intensive crops, they also have specific EC/pH requirements for the irrigation water. Meeting those requirements is important for the quality and quantity of the berry crop. ONDO precision irrigation and fertigation automation can, hence, have an immense impact on the crop yield for berry farmers (learn more in our ONDO for berry crops brochure).

Despite being an only 2-day exhibition event, we had the chance to demonstrate the ONDO solutions for greenhouse and open field farm automation to many event visitors. Our key takeaways from this event were:

  • We learned a lot about the specifics of the agricultural sector in Ukraine and the automation challenges and needs of the local farmers
  • We confirmed there is a lot of interest to ONDO precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control automation solutions
  • We met with the Ukrainian Berry Association and nailed down potential options for working together in the future
  • We got to know local providers of greenhouse equipment whom we can collaborate with in the future
  • Got a good idea of the competitors on the farming automation market in Ukraine
  • We put the beginning of a successful collaboration with PolivServis and are looking forward to seeing this collaboration develop further!

We are sharing photos from this awesome first event for ONDO for 2022! More news related to ONDO in Ukraine are coming soon!

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