Opening of the 4th demo point for project AgroDigiRise of DIH

We are glad to share that this week we had the official opening of the 4th demo point on project #AgroDigiRise of the European Digital Innovation Hub AgroHub.BG – the greenhouse of OPORA ZADEN Bulgaria.

The opening of this modern demonstration farm in Tsalapitsa follows the opening of the 3 science demo centers on the project, and is the first agricultural demo point, with 0.4 ha of greenhouses and 1 ha of open farming fields.

In the greenhouse of this demo point, ONDO automates the irrigation, precision fertigation and climate control. The optimal climate for the crops grown is maintained by controlling the roof vents, the circulation fans, the thermal (shading) screens and the misting. The climate management is divided into 2 climate zones

In the open fields of OPORA ZADEN, ONDO automates the irrigation and precise fertigation via ONDO’s wireless AIR Point modules.

Thanks to everyone who joined the 7 demo tours in the greenhouse at the opening day.

This demo farming point is now open for visits to all farmers and everyone who wants to keep up with the innovations in agriculture!

OPORA ZADEN Bulgaria is the only official distributor in Bulgaria of Enza Zaden – a Dutch breeding company with more than 70 years of history. The company’s cucumber and tomato hybrids have been used by greenhouse growers in Bulgaria for more than 30 years.

The project AgroDigiRise is co-financed by the European Union, program ‘Digital Europe’

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