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ONDO for Orchards

High yield and and great fruit quality. Protection from spring frosts.

With the use of ONDO automation, orchard farmers can precisely irrigate and fertigate their trees according to their growth stage and nutrient needs, at the optimal time determined by 24/7 real-time sensor data. In addition, farmers can safeguard their trees from spring frosts with the help of ONDO automated frost protection solution.

ONDO provides a completely wireless automation installation for orchards that costs only a fraction of cable-based installations. Thanks to the real-time, 24/7 monitoring and control for all irrigation and fertigation processes, farmers get automatically notified in case of issues.

By using ONDO automation, orchard farmers ensure predictability and improved taste, quality and durability of the fruit. They can also increase their crop yield by up to three times, regardless of the amount of rainfall received. Farms using ONDO report higher profitability and sustainability, resulting from up to 30% less water used, up to 30% less human resources used and 20% less fertilizer applied.

Recommended ONDO Solution for


Suitable for mid-size and large open field farms and greenhouses


Suitable for small open field farms and tunnel greenhouses

* Frost protection, ONDO Sense and Air Bubble Jet are not supported by ONDO Go


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Get started
Irrigation automation

(unlimited irrigation zones)

(up to 7 irrigation zones)

Fertigation automation

(up to 6 precise fertigation channels)

(2 venturi injectors/hydraulic injector pump or 1 precise fertigation channel)

Frost protection

Not supported

Soil sensors
ONDO Sense

Not supported

Air Bubble Jet


Not supported

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