Berry farm Otbrani extends their ONDO automation to another 20 ha of berry fields

We are glad to see the list of ONDO clients growing! But we are even happier when our existing customers are reaching out to extend their ONDO automations! Because a repeat customer is a happy customer!

This time it is one of our first and biggest customers – the berry farm Otbrani – undertaking an extension of their ONDO automation. Otbrani are well known in Bulgaria as one of the key berry farms in the country, selling their quality strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc in some of the biggest supermarket chains.

For more than a year Otbrani have been using automated precision irrigation and fertigation with ONDO, for part of their berry fields. The management of the farm is to a large extent done remotely now, from the team mobile devices, with way less on-site presence needed. The technical team is reacting to any equipment failures in a pretty fast manner, thanks to the automated ONDO alarms. As a result, throughout the very first months of using ONDO precision farming and farm automation solutions, Otbrani reported significant savings in water and fertilizer consumed, along with an increase in their crop yield. Read more about Otbrani and the first results they reported thanks to ONDO precision farming automation – in their client case study.

In this second phase of our collaboration with Otbrani, the farm decided to extend their initial ONDO precision farming automation. To the existing installation they will be adding a new 2-channel FertiON fertigation system, as well as the new ONDO wireless AIR Points. The ONDO AIR Points are an innovation for which we recently completed the on-field testing and now successfully integrate in client open field farms. Thus, the existing installation will be both cable- and wireless-based.

In addition, the farm will be extending the ONDO automation to another 20 ha of open berry fields. This extra automation will be handled by a second ONDO controller and an extra 2-channel FertiON fertigation system. The new wireless ONDO AIR Points will enable precision irrigation and fertigation for the entire span of the new installation.

ONDO AIR Point modules can control – remotely and wirelessly – up to 4 irrigation valves and up to 3 soil sensors each. They allow for time- and cost-efficient installations of ONDO precision farming solutions on big open field farms.

As one of the biggest and most trusted producers of berry crops, grown on 90+ ha of open fields, Otbrani is aiming at offering competitively-priced produce that looks and tastes good for as long as possible. The precision irrigation and fertigation of the plants, accomplished in an economically efficient manner thanks to ONDO AIR Points, will surely have a positive impact on the crop quality. At the same time, the optimal usage of the water, energy, fertilizer, etc resources will definitely contribute to better financial results for the farm!

Thanks to Otbrani for the trust! Follow our Facebook page for a photo report from the upcoming ONDO automation extension for this customer!

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