We’re sharing with you the first results of the farms using ONDO: 🌹 Roseland farm automation case study

If you’ve been impatient to know about the first results achieved by our very first ONDO farm automation customers – you are not alone!

Ever since our first ONDO customer our entire team has been closely monitoring the usage of our precision farming installations, and the results our customers were reporting during check-up meetings with them.

Our aim was to actively get feedback from our clients and the users in their teams – on how easy to use ONDO interface is, how adequate the product options are for the specific needs of the farm, etc. But, it was also immensely important for us to also make sure that the precision farming benefits the customers reap in terms of resource savings and productivity increase, right from their first year of using ONDO, are reasonable enough.

And here we come, with the first results of one of our first customers – “Roseland”!

“Roseland” is a greenhouse complex located in Konyovo, Bulgaria. They are using ONDO precision irrigation, fertigation and climate control system on 0.7 ha of greenhouses with hybrid roses, 0.3 ha of tunnel greenhouses with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers and 2 ha of open fields where melons, watermelons and cabbage are grown.

“Roseland” shared awesome first results achieved thanks to farm automation with ONDO – check them out in our “Roseland” customer case study.

Facing similar challenges to the ones “Roseland” had? Find out how ONDO precision farming solutions may help you solve them – contact us or fill out a quick quote request.

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