24/7 support and consultations

The team of ONDO experts is available to deliver expert help and support to all our current and future customers.


One of the key advantages of ONDO System for management of drip irrigation, precision plant nutrition, climate control and monitoring is our reliable 24/7 support which puts us way ahead of any competitors.

Our monitoring modules allow us to proactively analyse the functioning of our precision farming system and identify potential problems at a very early stage, even before they have affected the operational reliability of the system.

Despite our efforts to prevent possible system crashes, in the rare cases when this might occur our clients can notify us immediately via the website, chat bot, the mobile app, platforms for online messaging (Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp), or in case of an emergency – by phone.

In critical cases we guarantee response within 4 hours.

All communication is recorded and can be fully traced.


We are ready to consult you, remotely and on site, with regard to the usage of ONDO precision farming and the financial benefits you can get as a result of using it at your farm.

We can consult you on a number of topics:

  • How suitable and economically feasible ONDO is for your farm
  • Technical details related to the installation of the system
  • Expected timeframe to achieve return on your investment
  • All other questions you may have related to ONDO

All online consultations are free of charge and require a consultation slot booked in advance. Book your consultation slot here

If you require consultation on site, the charge will be agreed additionally, depending on the respective travel expenses of our representative.