The new ONDO Weather mobile app is here!

We are glad to let you know that the new ONDO Weather mobile app has just been released! The app is for devices with Android OS and is available for download from Google Play Store here.

The mobile app is key for all our farmers who have a weather station ONDO Weather installed on their fields. The app allows to monitor all data coming from the weather station, including temperature and humidity of the air, soil temperature and soil moisture, dew point, rainfall quantity for the past 1h and past 24h, wind speed, wind gusts and more!

In addition, you have detailed weather forecast, for the current and next 5 days (forecast will soon be extended with more days), which includes low/high temperature, expected rain/snowfall, wind speed and direction, as well as sun radiation, for every hour of the day!

The app is critical for farmers who need to plan their planting, fertigation, crop treatment or other activities based on the weather forecast and who need a precise and hourly forecast for the location of their fields. In addition, thanks to the Weather station sensor data, the farmers can evaluate the current weather and soil parameters, in one or several points of their farm property, and adjust any already scheduled irrigation, fertigation or other activities.

The mobile app is particularly convenient for owners of numerous farming fields that are geographically distant from each other. With a separate weather station installed for each field, they can toggle between the different field data, both sensor and forecast data, with a single click.

Our team is currently working on the Historical view for the full sensor data. This and a lot of other improvements will be available and announced with the next version of the mobile app. iOS version of the mobile app is also coming soon. Stay tuned!

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