By using ONDO sustainable agriculture solution farmers can quickly become leaders in the region

There are no complete and smart software solutions for management, control and optimization of the plant growing processes in the farms. This was our conclusion after getting familiar with the innovations in the sphere of sustainable agriculture presented at the international AGRA fair in Plovdiv earlier this year.

We met quite a lot of current and potential customers and they shared our opinion that ONDO is indeed a unique, and so far the only solution of its type. ONDO is an automation solution that is suitable for greenhouses, enabling them to achieve automated nutrition, climate control, monitoring and irrigation for vegetables, as well as for open fields. It allows the farmers adopting the solution to be competitive, to be modern, to increase their yields and plan for sustainable expansion of their farms.

By integrating ONDO sustainable agriculture solution farmers will see the economic benefits right from the first harvest! At the same time, the optimization of key resources used – water, electricity, diesel, fertilizers, as well as human resource expenditure will guarantee stable financial results and growth.

According to statistics, over the last years more than 1000 new greenhouses – of block type and spanning between 5 to 30 dcr – have been set up in Bulgaria alone. At the same time, only 5% of the irrigation has been automated. Now is the right time for farmers to consider using ONDO on their farms – ONDO smart farming system can meet all individual needs and requirements of the farmers, and its integration comes at an extremely affordable price.

Whether you are a small or large-scale farmer, if you are convinced that now is the right time for your business to take advantage of the sustainable agriculture opportunities offered by modern digital technologies and become a leader in your sphere, get in touch with us, request a free demonstration of ONDO or request a quick quote.

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