We let ONDO customers speak: Greenhouses Lazov

We at ONDO know that what customers say matters more than anything else. So, we are happy to let you ‘meet’ our customers virtually and have them share their experience with ONDO, via video or text interviews, via our case studies or at our online and offline events.

We are now glad to introduce you to one of our recent customers – Greenhouses “Lazov”, a 0.4 ha greenhouse complex growing pink tomatoes. Find out why the owner Radoslav Lazov reached out to ONDO, what were the challenges he was facing and how ONDO helps him manage the greenhouse complex in a time- and cost-efficient manner. The case study for this ONDO customer is coming soon – meanwhile, check out more client case studies in our Clients section.


This video has English subtitles – please make sure those are turned on by clicking the CC icon at bottom right of the video.

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