New and improved functionalities in ONDO are always resulting from constructive customer feedback. And this is the reason why we always try to stay close with our customers and listen to any feedback they provide.

One of the recent features we have completely revamped thanks to our customers is the ONDO sensor history charts.

The sensor charts in ONDO were by far showing the historical changes of the sensor data as well as the Air point voltage data, for a customer-defined period of time. The new ONDO sensor history charts have been completely reworked to allow for easy visualisation of the data from numerous sensors, as well as system action data (automated or manual actions done with ONDO) for every field managed with ONDO. As before, you can choose the period for which that history should be visualised.

Right now you can already visualise all sensor data for your field within the same chart, or choose your own combinations of sensor data to be displayed.

We are already working on also visualising the climate device behaviour on the charts – this includes vents opening or closing at specific %, misting starting or stopping, thermal screen opening or closing at specific %, as well as circulation fan’s work, during specific, customer-defined periods.

The main purpose of the charts is to provide solid data for analysis and ongoing optimizations. On one end, the users of the system can use the sensor history charts to optimise their irrigation and fertigation programs and achieve even higher savings in water and fertiliser. On the other hand, they can analyse the work of their climate control devices and adjust their automatic climate control strategies or the manual management of those devices.

Of course you are able to export all chart data as images or csv files.

The new charts are still in process of fine-tuning, but we have laid the foundation towards enriching them with all the useful sensor and action data already available in ONDO. Thus, this functionality would make ONDO an even more valuable tool for managing and optimising the irrigation, precise fertigation and climate monitoring processes in a farm.

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