• The option for ‘Fertigation by proportional quantity’ in fertigation recipes is available again
  • ONDO Weather Mobile app is now available in Greek too!
  • New ONDO GO Box design

It’s the end of the month again, and we are eager to share with you the finalized results from the past month of focused development work!

✓ The option to fertigate by proportional quantity is available again, much improved

It’s the beginning of the high farming season in most of Europe and we hurried to complete the improvement of the functionality for fertigation by proportional quantity. This feature is now available again, and can be used when creating a new recipe for plant fertigation.

The fertigation by proportional quantity allows farmers to create fertigation recipes and ensure that the total fertilizer they need applied is evenly distributed throughout the whole duration of the irrigation. They do this by defining the quantity from each fertilizer that should be added to the irrigation water per each 1 hour of irrigation. Then, when the farmer creates an irrigation program and specifies the total duration of this irrigation program, the system will automatically ensure that:

  • the total fertilizer quantity is spread evenly throughout the entire irrigation program
  • the required quantity is applied

For example, if a recipe is set up using proportional quantity, and in this recipe the farmer defined the usage of 100 l per hour from a certain fertilizer:

  • with an irrigation program of 2 hours, a total of 200 l from the fertilizer will be imported
  • with an irrigation program of 0.5 hours, a total of 50 l from the fertilizer will be imported.

Of course, should the system be unable to add the specified fertilizer quantity, due to clogging or other irrigation infrastructure issues, an alarm will be raised and respective automated actions will be taken by the system.

✓ ONDO Weather mobile app is now available in Greek

Good news for all Greek farmers using the weather station ONDO Weather! The interface of ONDO Weather mobile application is now entirely translated to Greek, and this is the 5th language available in the mobile application.

Big thanks to our partner for the region of Kastoria, Greece – Thomas Moschos – for his huge help on this end!

Coming soon is availability of the app interface in Romanian as well!

✓ Cool new design for the new ONDO GO controller

Our new ONDO GO controller is already being used to automate the irrigation in small and highly fragmented farming plots. And it recently got a nice facelift on its box design! The ONDO Solutions should be cool both on the inside and outside! 😉

Enjoy the new functionalities!

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