The new features released in April include:

  • EC, PH and flow rate data now displayed on ONDO dashboard
  • New option in Irrigation Programs: enable/disable step
  • New option in greenhouse vent control – control by humidity
  • ONDO Weather mobile app add-ons

It’s the end of a busy month here at ONDO! Many new client installations are in progress and others are just getting completed. We are actively collecting tons of useful feedback from the ONDO farmers, based on their usage of the platform.

Here is the next portion of new ONDO functionalities, and as usual – they are entirely based on feedback from the farmers using ONDO.

✓ EC, PH and flow rate data is now displayed on ONDO dashboard

Our design team is currently working on a new, improved and much more informative dashboard screen for the ONDO software platform. Meanwhile, we decided to speed up the display of some of that extra Dashboard information, so it is available to farmers since the current crop season.

The new data you can monitor on your ONDO dashboard is:

  • Current EC and PH values of the irrigation water

These values are received from the EC/PH control kit (if any) integrated with your ONDO solution and displayed real-time on your ONDO dashboard.

  • Current flow rate for a running program, as displayed by the water meter and ferti meters

Inside ONDO, farmers can create alarms that automatically notify them in case of leaks or clogs. However, farmers often are unaware of the exact flow rates for their irrigation and fertigation systems, so they can set up appropriate alarms.

Hence, ONDO is now allowing farmers to monitor the exact flow rates during a running program, in order to decide on the desired alarm thresholds and set up the system to raise alarms when those thresholds have been exceeded.

This functionality is also essential to detect leaks when no irrigation programs are currently running.

✓ New option in Irrigation Programs: enable or disable step

This is another functionality introduced entirely thanks to ONDO farmers’ feedback. Frequently, different issues with the irrigation infrastructure take more time to get fixed. During this time the farmer would want to ensure that the irrigation on plots unaffected by the issue would continue as normal, without creating new irrigation programs and schedules.

Hence the new functionality where the farmer would need seconds to disable a program step affected by an irrigation infrastructure issue, and then can re-enable it just as quickly. Disabled program steps are omitted from a program execution, and not considered in any kind of reporting of course.

✓ New option in greenhouse vent control – control by humidity

We have recently completely redesigned the greenhouse climate control user interface, introducing climate control strategies for different time slots throughout the day and managing all climate control devices separately throughout each time slot.

While this complex Climate Control functionality is getting finalized and tested, though, we have implemented the option for vent control by humidity levels. Thus, greenhouse owners can have the vents automatically open and close not just based on the temperature in the greenhouse, but also based on the humidity. This is particularly important in the very early morning hours, when moisture gets increased. If not automatically chased out, this moisture can create a favourable environment for plant diseases.

✓ ONDO Weather mobile app add-ons

The mobile application for the weather station ONDO Weather also has a couple of nice improvements!

  • The calculation of the 24h rainfall is now improved, after glitches were reported to us and identified
  • The mobile app interface is now available in a new, sixth language – Romanian

All ONDO customer installations will be gradually updated with the above new features. Enjoy!

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