New features launched in June:

  • The wind protection functionality for vents is now enhanced with the option for step-by-step closing, depending on how severe the wind is
  • The dashboard for running programs using fertigation is now displaying detailed per-step data on the fertilizer used in each dosing channel
  • Visual enhancements in the irrigation valves and AIR Points summary screens
  • Updates on the access that Operators have to the ONDO functionality

Another busy month from the active farming season is over. We are happy to have our hands full with new customer installations, while also striving to keep up with new developments!

Here are the new ONDO functionalities we have launched in June:

Enhanced wind protection functionality for greenhouse vents

The owners of greenhouse farms know how important it is to ensure the protection of their greenhouse constructions, regardless of external weather conditions. Strong front winds in particular can severely damage the greenhouse vents and incur high repair costs to the owners. Hence, having an automated vent protection system that would automatically close the vents in case of strong winds is particularly important.

At the same time, closing the greenhouse vents can rapidly lead to temperature increase in the greenhouse, especially during the hot summer months. Hence, we have now enabled a step-by-step closing of the greenhouse vents in case of strong winds. Thus, the vents would be closing with a specific step, in line with the increase of the wind speed. The stronger the wind – the more the vents will be closed. Now, the greenhouse owners using ONDO would be able to maintain the appropriate temperature in the greenhouse while still ensuring the stability of the greenhouse construction in the case of strong front or side winds.

Of course, the users have full control on what the step of the closing would be, starting wind speed, wind speed that would allow the vents to be restored to their initial position, delay period during which the system would be checking for occasional wind gusts and so on. They can also define different behaviour of the automated vent control for front and for side wind.

Detailed fertigation data displayed, for all dosing channels

In ONDO, data is king. We are aiming to display to our farmers all kinds of data that would help them make better and informed decisions.

Hence, per customer request we have also added an extra layer of detail for the fertilizer used in each of the fertigation system dosing channels. Now, this data includes the fertilizer imported with the currently running irrigation program step, in addition to the total fertilizer imported, since the start of the irrigation program. This fertilization data is available for each dosing channel used in the fertigation recipe.

We have also applied visual enhancements to the summary fertigation recipe cards, so it is clear which dosing channels are active in the currently running recipe and which are currently unused. Now, farmers can see the fertilization data they need right from their ONDO dashboard, in a clear and comprehensive way.

Visual enhancements to the summary screen for irrigation valves

Bigger farming lands or farming lands with many different crops require 24/7 monitoring and control for numerous irrigation valves and AIR Points. We know how important it is for farmers to be able to quickly check the status and settings of specific irrigation valves/AIR Points. Hence, we have visually improved the user interface that presents information about all those devices from the farm’s irrigation and automation infrastructure.

Users can now easily find the valves/AIR Points they need via using the available sorting options, check whether a valve is open or closed and manually open/close it, refer to the different irrigation valve/AIR Point settings and more. Lots of irrigation infrastructure information is now much easier to find and use!

Updates on the access that Operators have to the ONDO functionality

ONDO customers have the right to add Operators and Viewers of their ONDO automation account. While Viewers have fully read-only access to the farm automation, the Operators can also work with part of the functionalities.

Following customer feedback on the rights given to the Operator role, we have now updated this role so that the Operator can take over the full daily administration and monitoring of the ONDO automation. At the same time, we have ensured that key user administration and account administration functionalities are still restricted to admin users only, to ensure that all security and general administration options stay in the hands of the farm owner.

All customer installations will be gradually updated with the new features. Stay tuned for more development news from the ONDO team!

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