New functionalities in ONDO:

→ Version 3 of ONDO’s AIR Points
→ User interface available in 2 new languages
→ ONDO Weather improvements

The busy new farming season is just round the corner and many new ONDO automations are waiting to be installed as the weather is getting warmer. The development of new ONDO functionalities is also going at full speed and, as always, any new development is in-line with the needs of our customers.

What are some of the key functionalities we have released?

Extended irrigation and fertigation remote capabilities and non-limited sensors control with the new Version 3 of ONDO’s AIR Points

Farmers in different countries have ever higher requirements to use different, often locally-produced sensors – for the soil moisture, soil EC, PH and others. They also need to be able to integrate and remotely control different devices that are part of their irrigation and fertigation infrastructure.

Since we listen carefully to our customers’ needs, the new version of ONDO AIR Points has been developed to fully meet the above needs. Our new wireless modules enable the support of any sensors accessible to the farmer, regardless of their type, input, model, manufacturer, etc, and allow to control, wirelessly and remotely, all irrigation and fertigation devices on the farm.

The new ONDO AIR Points feature a base and extended version, thus offering flexible functionality and cost, in-line with the needs of the farmer.

  • The base version features:
    • Control for up to 4 irrigation valves
    • 2 inputs for soil moisture sensors Watermark, allowing farmers to measure the soil moisture at 2 different soil depths and adjust the irrigation based on the moisture levels at those depths.
    • One input for an analog sensor (soil-related or other)
    • RS485 input to connect all kinds of digital sensors like sensor for soil moisture, EC and PH, and so on.
  • The extension module (addition to the base version) features:
    • 3 inputs for soil moisture at different depths – e.g 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm depth
    • 2 extra analog inputs – to connect sensors using industrial standard 4..20 mA or 0-10 V
    • 4 extra digital inputs – used primarily for connecting water meters
    • 4 relay outputs – used for remote control of farm equipment like pumps, lighting, etc.

The extra inputs and outputs enable farmers to monitor a lot of different sensor data in each irrigation zone, as well as control more devices in the irrigation infrastructure.

Last but not least, the new version can optionally have a solar panel added to their battery, as an alternative, free charging source.

The release of the new version of the wireless AIR Points make us confident that, as we grow our network of international partners, farmers using ONDO will have the flexibility to use any sensor and device and thus optimise their investment in automation with ONDO.

ONDO is now available in 2 extra languages, with 2 more languages coming soon

As ONDO onboards new international partners, we are aiming to have the interface of both ONDO and ONDO Weather mobile app available in the language local to the partner. We are glad to announce that in addition to English and Bulgarian languages, we already have the interface localised into Ukrainian and Russian languages, with Greek and Macedonian languages coming soon!

All our new partners can count on our prompt actions towards translating the interface into their local language, as part of our close collaboration.

ONDO Weather improvements

With the growing number of ONDO Weather customers, we have introduced several important changes related to the easier management of the customers accounts for the ONDO Weather mobile application. We have also introduced improvements allowing the distributors of ONDO Weather stations to monitor the status of their customers’ stations.

With ONDO aiming at growing its international network of partners, a major focus in our future development will be put onto developing more partner-related functionalities in ONDO. If you are interested in becoming an ONDO Partner – read more on our Partnership program here

There’s a lot more work in progress, and we’ll be glad to share the news as new ONDO functionalities get completed. Stay tuned!

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