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If you are following our blog, you know that we have recently been recognized with yet another award, keep actively participating in international events, and are busy announcing and reviewing applications for our kickstart program aimed at new markets ONDO is entering on.

All those activities, however, come with an even bigger responsibility to deliver to our current and future customers an even richer and more reliable ONDO functionality that meets the need of the modern farmer.

What are the new ONDO features we have released throughout November?

> Irrigation and fertigation alarms

The proactive alarms in case of problems are among the key functionalities in ONDO. Instead of losing time checking their large farming infrastructure for issues, the farmers can rely on ONDO to notify them in cases when potential problems have been detected.

One of the most important alarms are those raised when a leak or obstruction have been detected in the irrigation and fertigation infrastructure. If the farmer is slow to find out about such issues, this can cause huge losses – losses in fertilizer, water and energy wasted, bad quality and quantity of the crop as a result from the insufficient irrigation or over-irrigating.

ONDO already features alarms for no flow, low or high flow, for the water meters and ferti meters alike.. In addition to the user-defined threshold for raising a no/low/high flow alarm, the users can also define the desired automatic behavior of the system, when those alarms have been raised – whether that behavior would include stopping the program, skipping the program step, stopping the fertigation, etc.

All active alarms are displayed in one section that the user can easily access, so he may find out, in a fast and efficient manner, what is the current system status and the key issues he should focus to resolve.

A key feature of the alarms is the requirement to have it ‘acknowledged’ by the user. Of course, in case an issue has only been temporary and has disappeared on its own, the alarms would clear on their own.

The users also have access to a full history of the alarms, including activated, acknowledged and cleared alarms, so they may trace any potential problems in their irrigation and fertigation infrastructure, as well as the actions taken.

> New interface for configuring the customer water meter and ferti meter

The new alarm functionality described above required a complete overhaul in many screens related to configuring the settings of the water meters and the ferti meters. We are glad that we invested the required time in a complete redesign of this part of ONDO interface, so it can be intuitive to use, both for ONDO integrators and ONDO end-users.

The new interface is now available throughout the entire process of configuring a water meter or ferti meter in ONDO.

> New features in ONDO Weather mobile app

We have recently announced our first distribution partner for the weather stations ONDO Weather! We are glad that the weather stations are so actively used by many farmers and help them take informed decisions. We, on our end, keep working on releasing new functionalities for the mobile application ONDO Weather.

The key features we released in November are:

✔ History of the weather station sensor data
Despite still being in beta version, this history allows to generate and review detailed charts showing the historical data for any weather station parameter, for a user-selected, 7 day or less timeframe. Coming soon is a new, much improved and easier to navigate version of the charts!
✔ Improvements in the weather forecast tables, so the data can be reviewed in a faster/easier manner
✔ Improvements in the icons visualizing the weather forecast during the night 
✔ New background videos and images for the apps screens displayed during the night
✔ Improvements in the messages displayed when the sensor data may not be loaded due to the weather station being turned off 

We want to thank all our customers and partners for the regular feedback they are sending over! All new ONDO functionalities are being prioritized and planned in-line with the feedback received. 

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