The New Year 2022 has had a flying start for ONDO – both in terms of events, and new ONDO functionalities! And, as always, any new development has been done in line with the specific needs of our customers!

So, what is new in ONDO?

✓ A new functional module: Frost Protection

This new ONDO functionality is targeted at our customers having orchard gardens!

In the spring season when the trees start blossoming, the negative temperatures can be disastrous for the quality and quantity of the crop. And in the recent years, snow and negative temperatures are becoming more and more common throughout March and even April!

The solutions offered by ONDO are aimed at guaranteeing the predictability of the crop yield, regardless of the occurrence of unfavorable weather conditions. The new Frost Protection functional module developed by ONDO is working exactly in the same direction. This functionality allows the farmer to automatically activate the existing sprinklers for frost protection when external temperatures fall below a level predefined by the farmer, usually 2-3 degrees Celsius. Thus, when the temperatures fall below freezing level, a protective icy layer will be built up on the trees, releasing latent heat and warming up the air around the tree.

When the temperature increases up to a temperature level set by the farmer, the automated sprinkling is automatically deactivated.

The frost protection can be activated automatically, as well as manually by the farmer. And every ONDO user can access the History to see when the frost protection has been activated, automatically or manually, and at what temperatures,  for the purpose of further optimizations. 

✓ New type of ONDO controller – for farms having highly fragmented farming lands

ONDO is aiming at offering flexible automated precision irrigation and fertigation solutions for open field farmers, regardless of the farm specifics. The main ONDO Controller is efficiently used in farm fields located in close proximity to each other. However, to be able to offer automation also to farms having numerous farming properties, distanced from each other, we created a new type of ONDO Controller.

This controller is the perfect choice for small and mid-sized farms with fragmented farming land, which need to automate and control the irrigation and fertigation for every plot in their farm, using cabled-based automation. With this type of automation, however, we can only use fertigation automation based on Venturi injectors, rather than a complete module for mixing and precise importing of fertilizer. 

The new ONDO Controller can also be used to manage and control the irrigation in landscaping irrigation projects.

Extensive on-field tests of the new ONDO Controller are already in progress! 

There is tons of other new functionality in process of development! More news from the ‘development kitchen’ are coming soon – stay tuned or sign up for our monthly newsletter from the website bar at the top!

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