With the active crop season being over, we at ONDO know that it’s time now for new developments and major updates to our functionalities! We’ve got lots on our plate for the new active crop season!

Here’s what we have recently launched as new functionalities in ONDO:

Automated adjustment of the EC and PH of the irrigation water

It is important for specific crops – like berries, vegetables, etc to be irrigated using irrigation water with specific EC and PH targets. Those targets vary depending on the crop type and the stage of its growth. Irrigation using the appropriate targets for EC and PH of the water improves the quality and quantity of the crop, contributing to a healthy crop with excellent taste and good preservation capabilities. Irrigation by EC/PH is critical for crops grown in hydroponic greenhouses.

Until recently, ONDO farmers could monitor the EC and PH of their irrigation water in the ONDO system. Now they also have the option to automatically adjust the EC and PH of the water, by using fertigation recipes by EC and PH.

The fertigation by EC and PH enables farmers to set the target EC and PH values of the irrigation water, define the fertilisers they want to use to reach those values as well as their contribution to the fertigation.

The ONDO EC and PH adjustment algorithms then take over, making the needed calculations and reaching those target values within the minimum possible time. Farmers using shorter irrigation cycles have the option to cut the time needed for the targets to get reached even more, by doing simple simulations on their end, once for each new fertigation recipe by EC and PH.

We are glad that the new EC/PH functionality is already working flawlessly in 6 ONDO farms, including the recently completed new installations in North Macedonia (read more about them).

As with any new functionality we release, we will be closely monitoring and optimising this new feature within the coming months!

Improved automation for greenhouse circulation fans and launch of our new climate strategies!

We are happy to announce that we have started work on our new Climate Control strategies. The new strategies allow to manage and synchronise the work of all climate control devices in a greenhouse from one single place in ONDO.

In addition to being very easy to use, the climate control strategies allow enhanced flexibility thanks to different climate control settings and alarms enabled for different time periods throughout the day. As usual, the farmer still retains full manual control over their climate control devices, at any given moment.

The new climate control strategies can now be used for managing the greenhouse Circulation fans. We proceed with adding all other climate control devices to the new climate management and control functionality.

There’s lots more undergoing development – stay tuned for more news from our technology team – as usual, towards the end of the next month!

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