Wrap-up of ONDO Demo Days in Timișoara, Romania

We have recently announced our first Demo Days event for Romania, which took place between 24 and 26 Feb, 2021 in Timișoara, Romania.

With those hectic days past behind us know, here is our takeaway:

* We drove 2000+ km within 3 days
* We met 6 berry farms, 1 potential partner and the Timișoara Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture
* We got a really good idea of the specifics of berry farming in Romania
* It became clear that the pains and needs of Romania-based berry farmers are pretty much the same as those of our current berry growing customers
* We saw significant interest in the automation and precision farming solutions offered by ONDO and have started conversations about setting up several ONDO installations in customer farms.
* Our Sales manager put a record of 2-minute install for ONDO Weather station!

We are working on the next steps coming out from this demo event, and are meanwhile signing up interested farms for our next Demo Days Romania event, for the region of Bucharest. If interested to attend – please sign up here.

We are sharing a few photos from some of the meetings our demo team had. Big thanks to everyone they met – looking forward to more!

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