ONDO among 8 Bulgarian software companies selected to present themselves to 40 companies from Japan

ONDO was among the 8 companies, selected to present themselves to more than 40 Japanese companies at the trade forum „Bulgaria: Hot spot for IT and BPO“, organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Organization for Foreign Trade JETRO with the cooperation of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency. The [...]

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ONDO grabs the Grand Award for Startup Company of 2020 by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/

We are glad to announce that ONDO has been recognized with the Grand award for Startup company of 2020 in the 10th edition of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/! The award - which is a truly valuable for us, since it comes from the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in [...]

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ONDO showcase: extending ONDO precision farming in line with the farmer’s growth

We have been frequently asked: do we retrofit existing greenhouses with ONDO Smart Farming solutions? Yes, we do! Even if your greenhouse is already up and running, we will integrate ONDO Precision Farming technology with your existing equipment! Which is more - we will make sure your ONDO automation can grow with you! We [...]

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Our agricultural experts team keeps growing!

We are glad to welcome the latest and truly valuable addition to our team - Daniel Sheytanov! This is the first team member located outside of our head office and a core person who will start developing ONDO sales and integration activities for South Eastern Bulgaria and the neighboring countries. ONDO team is made up [...]

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ONDO Demo Days in Romania, 24-26 Feb 2021

We are excited to let you know that at the end of February ONDO Demo team is coming to Romania! Following inquiries from interested Romania-based farms and potential partners in the region of Timișoara, in the period 24, 25 and 26 February 2021 our team will be doing one-on-one ONDO demos and presentations, also visiting [...]