ONDO can now manage and control the thermal screens inside a greenhouse

We are glad to let you know that as part of our roadmap to enable control in ONDO for any device responsible for the irrigation, fertigation or climate control, ONDO can now manage the thermal screens in a greenhouse. Thermal screens are must-have for any modern greenhouse looking to achieve optimal climate conditions for [...]

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ONDO grabs the Grand Award for Startup Company of 2020 by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/

We are glad to announce that ONDO has been recognized with the Grand award for Startup company of 2020 in the 10th edition of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/! The award - which is a truly valuable for us, since it comes from the biggest, most representative and influential branch organization in [...]

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Our agricultural experts team keeps growing!

We are glad to welcome the latest and truly valuable addition to our team - Daniel Sheytanov! This is the first team member located outside of our head office and a core person who will start developing ONDO sales and integration activities for South Eastern Bulgaria and the neighboring countries. ONDO team is made up [...]

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ONDO Demo Days in Romania, 24-26 Feb 2021

We are excited to let you know that at the end of February ONDO Demo team is coming to Romania! Following inquiries from interested Romania-based farms and potential partners in the region of Timișoara, in the period 24, 25 and 26 February 2021 our team will be doing one-on-one ONDO demos and presentations, also visiting [...]

ONDO signs up its first partner in North Macedonia

The growing list and territory span of ONDO customers, along with the need to be close to customers and better serve them has resulted in our focused efforts towards signing up the first local partnerships for ONDO. We are glad to announce that shortly after we have opened our Partnerships program, we already have [...]

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ONDO joins the Bulgarian Digital Innovation Hub for agriculture AgroHub.BG

We are glad to announce that ONDO is now part of the Bulgarian Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) for agriculture AgroHub.BG. AgroHub aims to bring together knowledge and resources for the agricultural industry with the aim to generate solutions for its problems and meet its needs. Source: Agrohub.bg AgroHub connects numerous agribusiness companies and [...]

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ONDO grabs the Grand award for innovative startup

We close this challenging year with yet another and big recognition! This time ONDO has been awarded in one of the most prestigious Bulgarian national contests - "Innovative enterprise of the year".  The competition is organized by the foundation "Applied research and communications", ARK Consulting and Еnterprise Europe Network - Bulgaria, supported by the General [...]

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ONDO awarded by the Innovation council at the Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry

The teams at ONDO and their technology partner IndigoVerge have earned yet another recognition for ONDO's smart farming solutions for automated management and control of drip irrigation, precise fertigation, climate control and monitoring for all crops. Only 10 months after ONDO has been founded, the company has received the 'Most innovative company' award by [...]

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ONDO recognized with a Green Technology award

ONDO Smart Farming solution earned yet another recognition! In the recent contest 'The greenest companies of Bulgaria' our solution grabbed the award for 'Green Technology', thanks to its substantial contribution to saving the resources used in agriculture. The contest is also known as "The Green Oscars" and has been organized by b2b Media for the [...]

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The Green EU Deal – why using less fertilizers does not mean less or lower quality crop

The climate changes and poor environmental conditions resulting from human activity are becoming an ever stronger threat. We see many steps taken towards a cleaner and greener world economy and one of those is the European Green Deal. The Deal is a roadmap of actions to be taken to ensure sustainable economy. Among those are [...]

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