Our Services

The team of ONDO experts is available to deliver professional consultations, integration and post-installation support to all our current and future customers.


  • Is ONDO appropriate for your farm and crop grown? 

  • What results can you expect?

  • Can ONDO integrate with your existing irrigation and climate control equipment?

  • If you are just starting out with your greenhouse or open field irrigation set up, what irrigation / climate control equipment providers might be best for your project?

You can count on ONDO sales and technical experts for an answer to all the above questions, and many more. Contact us for an evaluation of your project, and we will come back with a structured proposition of what ONDO can offer and how we can assists with any extra steps you may need to take.



Ready to automate your farm using ONDO? Our technicians will make sure you get your ONDO precision farming solution fully set up, tested and working.

We have experience with a broad set of irrigation, fertigation and climate control equipment. Hence, as part of our offering we will accomplish all integration and initial set up on your behalf.

  • We will ensure that the connection of ONDO to all farm equipment you wish to control is done seamlessly, with minimum interruptions for your ongoing processes

  • We will help you to set up your automations and reporting

  • We will train you and your employees on how to efficiently use ONDO to manage and control your farm processes

  • Our 24/7 remote monitoring starts as soon as the integration is complete, so you can get piece of mind and refocus to taking important decisions for your business, while ONDO manages the farm processes for you


One of the key advantages of ONDO System for management of drip irrigation, precision plant nutrition, greenhouse climate control and monitoring is our reliable 24/7 support which puts us way ahead of any competitors.

Our monitoring modules allow us to proactively analyse the functioning of our precision farming system and identify potential problems at a very early stage, even before they have affected the operational reliability of the system.

Despite our efforts to prevent possible system crashes, in the rare cases when this might occur our clients can notify us immediately via the website, chat bot, the mobile app, platforms for online messaging (Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp), or in case of an emergency – by phone.

In critical cases we guarantee response within 4 hours.

All communication is recorded and can be fully traced.


As an ONDO customer, we are ready to consult you remotely and on site, with regard to your usage of ONDO precision farming solutions, possible upgrades, joining new equipment to be controlled by ONDO and others.

All remote consultations are completely free of charge for our customers.

If you require consultation on site, the charge will be agreed additionally, depending on the respective travel expenses of our representative.

Al post-install consultations can be arranged via your account manager.