ONDO for vineyards2021-02-02T10:17:14+02:00

Intelligent irrigation management system, precise plant nutrition control, monitoring system and wireless valve control for vineyards of more than 15 ha.

ONDO is a flexible modular system that includes the following components:
  • Weather station
  • Sensors for soil temperature and humidity

  • Precise plant nutrition system
  • Management of automatic irrigation system

  • Module for management of 100+ irrigation zones
  • Management of wireless valve control using LoraWan

  • Management of system for spring frost protection

  • Remote 24/7 monitoring of the system’s technical condition

  • Automated update of the system with all new functionalities



“I am extremely pleased with the service and professionalism of the ONDO team. When researching the market for tools to meet our needs we really weren’t aware of what exactly would be most appropriate for our farm. Thanks to the advice of ONDO’s smart farming experts we are now confident that we have taken the best decision for our farm. I would encourage all colleagues to trust ONDO so they can increase their yield and cut their operational expenses.”

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Petko Dinev • Owner of greenhouse complex Roseland

“Thanks to ONDO we achieved complete automation for our greenhouses. We control the automated irrigation and fertigation, as well as the temperature management. We also control the air humidity inside the greenhouses as well as many other parameters. The key benefit is the immense time savings – we only send commands to ONDO and it does its job. By far we have positive impressions only.”

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Marjan Mitev • Owner of greenhouse complex MARJAN-MID

“Even though we’ve been using ONDO for a fairly short time, every day we become more and more convinced that we’ve made the right choice. With ONDO everything happens in a very easy and fast manner, we save water resources and expenses, which is extremely important for us.”

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Nayden Petrov • Owner of Otbrani farm

“ONDO made my life easier. Everything is done via the phone – the irrigation management, the climate control, absolutely everything, sun radiation, ventilation, which is a key thing in a greenhouse. It also monitors the moisture. This is an intelligent device which thinks and makes decisions on its own, I only set the target parameters – how many degrees, how much moisture and it manages everything by itself.”

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Radoslav Lazov • Owner of Greenhouses Lazov


What types of crops is ONDO suitable for?2021-01-11T15:41:07+02:00

ONDO solution can be used for all crops requiring precise drip irrigation and plant nutrition control – vineyards, orchards, maize, sugar cane, vegetables as well as greenhouse crops. If you are unsure whether ONDO can meet your needs, just get in touch with us and we will propose the most optimal solution for your crops.

How is ONDO different from other products on the market?2021-01-11T15:41:15+02:00
  • ONDO is made up of high-quality, but standard hardware which can be easily purchased anywhere in the world.
  • It includes a modern, easy to understand and use software application.
  • We provide regular and free system updates as per your subscription plan, remotely – there is no need for a technical specialist to visit you on site and apply those updates.
  • We ensure high-quality 24/7 technical support via an in-built software for remote access (Internet connection is required).
  • You can manage all processes in your system, anytime, anywhere – via your phone, tablet or computer.
  • You get analysis, monitoring and control – via GPRS, Wi-Fi, Hot spot, LAN.
  • If needed, we can also provide an agronomist’s expert advice for your crops.
  • Option to upgrade the system.
What are the benefits from using ONDO?2021-01-11T15:41:20+02:00

The key benefits from using ONDO are financial ones – i.e. considerable reduction of expenses (energy, diesel, water, fertilizers, chemicals, etc) and a simultaneous increase in crop yield

Another key reason to use ONDO is the lessening of possible human error as well as reduction in the workforce needed.

What is ONDO’s warranty and do you provide technical support after the warranty ends?2021-01-13T15:02:51+02:00

ONDO provides a standard 1-year warranty from the date the installation has been completed. After the warranty is over, we provide post-warranty support and maintenance at terms shown in our Services section.

You can also subscribe to our post-warranty support. This is arranged on a case-by-case basis, depending on the size and requirements of the system.

How do you install ONDO and how much time does that process take?2021-01-11T15:41:34+02:00

The installation and configuration of ONDO takes between 1 and 3 days, depending on what extra equipment would need to be installed, as well as the size of your farm.
The installation of the ONDO controller is only done by an authorized ONDO solutions Ltd. technical expert.

How can I use ONDO? Do I need a computer, or phone works too?2021-01-11T15:41:41+02:00

Thanks to its adaptive design, ONDO can practically be used from any electronic device such as mobile phone, tablet or computer. It is up to you to decide the most convenient device to control your system.

What happens if ONDO stops working or if a technical issue appears?2021-01-11T15:41:46+02:00

One of ONDO’s key advantages compared to other similar solutions on the market is the state-of-the-art technical support which we provide 24 hours, 7 days a week.

To provide our timely, high-quality technical support we have enabled remote access to any controller via unique software we have developed. Thanks to this we can resolve any problem within 4 hours, without using standard remote access applications like TeamViewer, AnyDesk and others that require the availability of a computer on the client’s end to establish connection to the device.

All we need is for you to have Internet access and you can consider your problem solved. In the rare cases when support is required on site, an ONDO technical support specialist will arrive within 24 hours from the moment the issue has been identified.

Is technical support included in ONDO pricing packages?2021-01-11T15:41:50+02:00

Depending on what tier of equipment you have selected, ONDO guarantees full technical support as per your selected subscription plan.

How much manual work is it to manage ONDO and to what extent has it been automated?2021-01-11T15:41:56+02:00

The idea of ONDO is complete automation of the management of drip irrigation, precise plant nutrition and climate control (for greenhouses).

Does ONDO have minimal requirements for the farm’s size?2021-02-02T10:38:26+02:00

No, there are no such requirements, but in order for your investment to be economically feasible, we recommend to use ONDO if your farm fits the following size guidelines:

* Vineyards: more than 15 ha.
* Orchards: more than 10 ha.
* Maize: more than 15 ha.
* Vegetables: more than 5 ha.
* Greenhouses: more than 0,4 ha.